Meet the Team

Zumba Instructors

These people are responsible for your fun and your activity!

Make no mistake that they max themselves out too, in order to assist you and to make YOU more fit!

Each instructor on our team is fully licensed to train in all Zumba classes, and has a long experience (and loving) for doing so!

Be sure that if you were looking for something new to liven your workout routine up, this is it…

Elisa Hansolo


Born in New York City, Elisa always felt a strong urge for being an ambitious overachiever. Eventually, by the age of 25 she already had received her first Wall Street.

Mary Applebaum


A Juneau, Alaska native, Mrs. Applebaum has come a long way since her high school graduation all the way up to getting a Brown University Master’s degree in….

Alex Buoyega


Mr. Buoyega was born in one of Detroit’s poorest blocks, all before pursuing his successful managerial career in the future. For him, the breakthrough happened when he…

Emily Bluesome


If you’d ask any of our workers, who is the executive manager that they’re always looking up and living up to, most likely Emily’s name will surface. Having a vast and thorough…